Underwater technical operations / Diver inspections

In the scope of construction supervision and as separate diving service our specialists provide full range underwater operations in depths up to 60 meters.

  • - Inspections of sea bed, underwater communications and hydraulic-waterworks: oil and gas pipelines, water lines, water release pipelines, electric cables, communication cables, underwater parts of mooring quays, water inlets, water discharge outlets, slips, bridge pillars, dam bodies, coast protection structures
  • - Engineering supervision during construction and / overhaul repair of underwater parts of structures
  • - Underwater hi-resolution photo and video recording
  • - Laying, installation, disassembling, construction and repair of underwater engineering structures, communications, cables and pipe crossings, head walls, fittings, sea bed trenches, soil excavations with monitors, pumps, dredging operations
  • - Underwater concreting, welding and cutting
  • - Seabed cleaning of natural and artificial reservoirs, lakes, water areas, underwater channels, sewage and inlet structures from sediments and sunken objects
  • - Ship raising works, search and lifting of sunken objects
  • - Bottom cleaning of steel, concrete waterworks from marine grow
  • - Underwater corrosion protection works (development of the project documentation, anode protection installation on sheet piles, shell piles, pipe trunk lines)