Drilling supervising

Supervising services during drilling of oil and gas wells, wells overhaul repair, well development reconstruction, wash out of wells for underground gas storages.

    Drilling supervising – complex of measures in construction and repair maintenance of wells, providing by high qualified specialists, directed to failsafe work execution, according to the requirements of the project documentation, norms and standards and includes:
  • Assurance of contractor works correspondence to the project decisions during well drilling;
  • Safety control of drilling works performance according to the safety rules;
  • Coordination and management of drilling and service contractor works on a drilling site;
  • Operational guidance of the drilling and service contractor personnel in case of emergency;
  • Engineering assessment of the technical conditions, operating capabilities of the drilling equipment and material storage conditions on the drilling site;
  • Drilling process progress reporting to the Client.

TechnoResource International LLC specialists are fitted out with state-of-the-art computers which enable to control and analyze the well drilling, wellbore conditions, to perform hydrodynamic calculation of washing and cementing, strength analysis and casing lowering mode, definition of three-dimensional position of wellbore, stability, prevention of possible well control situations, kicks, complications and hazards, associated with violation of hydrodynamic conditions of well drilling.

Main line of activity of TechnoResource International LLC is engineering and process control (supervising) during construction, repair, wash out for underground gas storages, ongoing overhaul repair of oil and gas wells. From the beginning of works to the commissioning our specialists control each stage of the construction, collecting and analyzing work data. Based on this information our specialists develop reports and recommendations for improvement of the quality level.