Expediting is performing by qualified personnel at supplier’s sites worldwide to control the deliveries dates of ordered equipment and project progress according fabrication and project schedules.

Main task is to observe the delivery dates for the equipment and long lead items in order to avoid delays, fails and long delivery times and to assure project execution according approved schedules saving costs and time as a final result. For the purpose we perform intermediate or final inspections, acceptance procedures and tests on manufacturing sites according approved inspection and test plans.

As a fabrication and delivery progress surveillance, expediting can be performed separately, but often it is combined with a complete quality control inspection during equipment fabrication in the scope of technical audit. Detailed report is immediately submitted informing the Client about the status of ordered equipment and the workmanship quality accordance to the project specifications.

  • - Progress supervision/expediting of products at your suppliers
  • - Continuous order surveillance from ordering to shipping (network of inspectors)
  • - Tracing of possible risks and fabrication delays
  • - Recommendations to avoidance of equipment delivery delays, fails
  • - Inspections and quality assurance services worldwide with our network of inspectors and specialists and additional staff/personnel available in cooperation with our partners
  • - Contacting manufacturers for logistical data verification
  • - Check of documentation, materials, products and work progress control to evaluate completeness/integrity, quality and compliance to purchase order, standards and specifications
  • - Examination of production schedules, subcontracts, preparatory works for personnel and material efforts
  • - Tracing of contractual adjustments (Vendor Concession Request).
  • - Recording of adjustments in fabrication schedule and tracing of changes in the availability
  • - Quick and periodical report submission 24 hours via e-mail informing about order status
  • - Deviations from the planning will be reported separately with Non-Conformity Report that contains suggestions, which lead directly to corrective actions by the supplier
  • - Control of technical and quality documentation (Manufacturer’s Data Book and Records).