Materials and equipment inspections

Specialists of TechnoResource International LLC provide services in quality control of product and equipment on all stages of fabrication, beginning with incoming control of materials to the final shipment and quality certificate approval for products and equipment. All our specialists have necessary theoretical and practical skills, confirmed by NDT, welding control certificates with required levels of qualification.

On a basis of the resident assignments on fabrication plants specialists of TechnoResource International LLC perform production quality control of large diameter pipes, casings, tubing pipes, fittings, valves and piping, excess pressure equipment, compressor equipment, gas-turbines, steam boiler equipment etc.

Inspection assures the correspondence of accepting production to the requirements, stated in the technical specifications (Terms of reference, Design, GOST, Client specifications etc.) of fabrication plants as well as on factories, supplying component parts, components, assembly units.

Inspector controls the quality of production on all stages of fabrication based on the Customer requirements, adherence of manufacturing and process operations, attends and confirms the results of mechanical and hydro tests, issues prescriptions and remarks on detected violations in fabrication processes, deviations to the project documentation. While meeting all the requirements of technical documentation, codes and standards the quality of production and equipment is confirmed by inspector’s stamp and signature.

In addition to the quality control of production and equipment TechnoReosurce International LLC performs control and readiness/non-readiness confirmation of the supplier (fabrication plant) to manufacturing and shipment of equipment. Inspector verifies the availability of the licenses, permits, approvals, assesses implemented Quality Management System of the plants, availability of qualified personnel, fitting with the production equipment, laboratory correspondence to the specified requirements, documentation availability in the plants subdivisions, proves the process operations correspondence to the documents in force in supplying plant.