Diver inspections

    Divers inspections are performing by diver stations and include:
  • - Construction supervision of installation and repair of waterworks
  • - Underwater crossings of oil and gas pipe trunk lines, water inlet and outlet lines, power cables and communication systems
  • - Regular, unscheduled, special complex engineering inspection and examination of waterworks, inspection of natural and artificial reservoirs, lakes, water areas, underwater channels, sewage and inlet structures.

Additionally, all underwater works and diver inspections are performing in combination with high definition photo and video recording.

For the purposes of mobility several diving stations were built and fitted with diving equipment, tools and supporting means (diving boat, rubber boat with motor, several vehicles) for the works in depths for up to 60 meters.

Yearly our diver personnel undergo the medical examinations for diver work permits and qualification commission check of technical knowledge according the qualification requirements. Depth limits of 60 meters are confirmed by the medical consultative board and organizational orders.

Divers have a qualification not less than 2-nd class / 1-2 specialization group (6-th grade) with additional divers qualifications: diver welder (cutter), NDT specialists, Ultrasonic thickness measurement, Surveyors of waterworks bottom parts.